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Makeshift traffic covers can make for a dangerous work environment

Until now, there were no easy solutions. Inferior makeshift covers made out of trash bags, cardboard, plywood or rags were inconvenient for workers to cover the unused devices in a timely manner. Unused signs and signals were left exposed by sloppy application of "covers." Conventional coverings can be further disintegrated or blown away by weather conditions. These problems are a thing of the past with Traffic Sign & Signal Cover Concepts.

In California: "A woman driving with her daughter entered a ramp with an entrance sign that should have been covered. The cover had blown away. The road was under construction and the car rolled over at the end of the ramp. The danghter lost the use of an arm_ They sued D.O.T. and the contractor and received a high dollar award for the injury."

In Maryland: 'The wind blew away the baggy on one of the signal heads. It landed on an incoming vehicle's front windshield causing the driver to have a serious accident_ The driver and his attorney have filed a large claim against both the city and contractor:'

In New Jersey: "One of my crew workers was trying to cover a highway sign. Attempting to fasten the bungee cord, it snapped off and the hook hit him damaging his eye and cutting his face open_ .. "

And the list goes on.

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