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Traffic Signal Covers

A simple investment that can make your work site safe, easy to maintain, and organized!

During a traffic signal installation, maintenance, or repair project, the possibilities of accidents are already at a high. Our unique practical covers reduce the risk of accidents, save you cost of labor, prevent littering on the construction site with makeshift materials, and most importantly, keep everyone safe with their formfitting and innovative design.

Get your Traffic Sign and Signal Covers™ from PIE  today!

Reduced liabilities and increased traffic safety; a win-win for everyone!

See the difference for yourself! Now your work site will be safer , much cleaner and hassle-free. No more trash bags, plastic, cardboard, or plywood flying around highways and streets.

  • The middle mesh makes the lights only visible to technicians during the Burn-Out testing

  • These covers are safe, clean, practical, and economical

  • Haphazard makeshift covers could potentially cause hazardous situations

  • Save labor time with easy installation and no cover maintenance

  • Public Message Imprints (PMI) are optional, and in some cases under government agencies specifications.

Signal Cover Dimensions:


1VLC- 12" diameter 


2VLC- 26" x 12"


3VLC- 40" x 12"


4VLC- 54" x 12"


These all have a depth of 9"


We also offer covers for the 8" light housings.


1VLC- 8" diameter


2VLC- 8" x 18"


3VLC- 8" x 28"


4VLC- 8" x 38"


These all have a depth of 7"

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